White Stone Sunday Can Change Lives

One year ago, on the first Sunday in January, I was working upstairs in the media loft during the annual “white stone” meditation service. I was running the video camera for the morning’s third Service and really in the zone, following Rev. Steve as he moved around the platform. He was preparing the congregation for the silent meditation period where each of us would listen for and receive the single word that would define our intention for the coming year.

Continuing to track his movements on the platform through the video camera, I remember thinking that I would have to listen to the recording of the meditation later to receive my word. Boy was I wrong! As soon as we reached the silent period, the word RELEASE resonated loud and clear, right in the forefront of my mind. RELEASE! Well, what the heck did that mean?

I know from teaching The Twelve Powers class how important the power of elimination is and has been in my life. I have learned along the way to release and let go of what no longer serves my higher purpose. So, I easily decided I would go with “Release” as my theme for 2016 and see where it would lead in my life. I had no idea the changes that would come once I said “YES” to my word.

Release What No Longer Serves

Shortly after receiving my word, one of my older sisters was hospitalized and I needed to go to California to take care of her. The lovely thing about being with her was that her home was quiet, a rare pleasure at home. Even though I was there to take care of my sister, the experience proved restful and rejuvenating for me. In the quiet, I heard that still, small voice within telling me it was my time to release my job.

The voice gently insisted my work at the Church was done. WHAT? I can’t do that! I have two girls in college, I can’t just stop working. “RELEASE,” it repeated. Are you kidding me? This is crazy. “RELEASE,” it quietly persisted, as if Spirit were reminding me once again that I had accepted this word as my theme for the year. I had to honor my commitment to myself. I called my husband and explained what I had heard and he said, “Great, we will figure out a way!” I came back to Texas and released my job. As I would soon learn, that was just for starters.

Doing The Work, Releasing The Rest

Before I knew it, I was faced with releasing my fears around losing my income. I worked a lot on that fear, reminding myself that I wasn’t to worry about the HOW. My work was simply to do my work and release the rest. As I continued this practice, I soon felt a sense of complete release around my financial fears. Within a few months, Spirit replaced my yearly income. Wow! I was liking this releasing thing.

Next, I released the “I don’t have time for” excuse in my life. I began walking every day. My dog was very happy about that change. I made time for the things I had been putting off in my life. Exercise, painting, clearing out my home and releasing stuck energy. It was transforming. Every baby step was energizing and led to more baby steps. Eventually, I released 5 dress sizes with ease! As I released the stuck energy within me, I began to see even more clearly what a blessing my “white stone” word for 2016 had been in my life.

The Transformative Power of Release

With several successes already in the bag, I began looking for other places in my life where release could transform my experience. In my relationships, I actively gave up judgments and sought only to be and express unconditional love. I am still working on staying in unconditional love all the time. However, when I stumble, I just remember that baby steps will get me there. Then, I release my judgment of myself for falling short.

By actively practicing release in 2016, my life has changed in so many wonderful and profound ways. My life has been transformed so completely that I have to remind myself it all took place within the span of one short year. I took my first step in the journey when I embraced my white stone word from Spirit on that first Sunday in January.

What Is Your White Stone Word For 2017?

If you are ready to clarify your own soul’s intention for your life in 2017, I invite you to attend this coming Sunday’s New Year’s Day White Stone service. Your white stone word may be different from mine, it might be the same. But, it will be your word to embrace in your own life in 2017. Whatever your white stone word reveals itself to be, lean into it. Prepare yourself to be amazed at how it can positively influence every area of your life.

As for myself, 2016 has been a wonderful, transformative and life affirming experience. I am eagerly looking forward to this Sunday’s White Stone Meditation Service, so I can receive my new theme word for 2017. If you would like a little assistance in leaning into your word, please feel free to download my 2017 White Stone workbook here. You can print it out as full size pages or as a little workbook.