The Greatest Love Of All

When I woke this morning, I had no idea what I was going to be writing about in this week’s blog entry. However, I don’t tend to be too concerned when this happens. As a creative person and a student of Unity teachings, I know that divine, inspired ideas are always available. There is never a lack of creative ideas and I know the day will present the perfect idea to me before I sit down to actually write. Today proved no exception.

Masterminding My Way To Love

When I left the house this morning to attend my weekly mastermind group breakfast, it was 39 degrees and windy. It was the first day in this late to the party, Texas winter season cold enough to break out my long, wool winter coat. I don’t get near enough opportunities to wear it and I love every chance. Perhaps not coincidentally, one of my partners showed up wearing his long, wool winter coat this morning also.

I am confident my three mastermind partners would each agree that our weekly meetings are like church on Thursday. We love our weekly breakfast gathering and routinely express our appreciation for one another and the gifts we each bring to one another’s lives. This group relationship is as important to our lives as any other relationships we experience anywhere with anyone. I have been a member for over eight years now, and I honestly could not imagine my life without these three men being constant sources of love, support and inspiration.

Each week, we notice a dominant theme organically emerging from our discussions and requests. This morning, it was love. We talked of love in the communal, interdependent sense and in the codependent relationship sense. We talked of love as the opposite of fear. We talked of love’s power for healing and transformation. Perhaps most importantly, we talked of love in terms of self love as it relates to cultivating a spiritually vital consciousness, a creatively fertile mind and a physically healthy body.

There Is Love Between Us

Too often, we tend to forget the self love part. In my experience, this tendency does not just apply to men. I personally know, and have known, many women who are loving and nurturing to everyone else in their lives, but their own selves. The entire codependent recovery industry is built on healing this tendency to give ourselves away, and to bring ourselves back into balance with other more beneficial expressions of our power of love.

At one point in our conversation this morning, one of my partners offered an anecdote on the Irish view of love. He stated that instead of saying, “I love you,” which is a subject-verb-object construction, they often express love by saying, “there is love between us.” As a songwriter, I recognize a good hook when I hear it, and immediately stated my intention to write a song using that as a title. It also reminded me of the love between each one of us in our mastermind group. This love is active with a cumulative effect in our lives that becomes exponentially greater with each passing year.

Love Is The Harmonizing Power

In The Twelve Powers, Charles Fillmore describes love as the harmonizing power. Of the twelve powers, love is said to be the greatest of them all. I believe this to be true. At its fullest expression, the power of love heals and transforms all things, restoring our awareness of the foundational unity we share with everything, healing any sense of separation and transforming our consciousness into one of unity, safety and peace.

A Course In Miracles’ stated purpose is to help us to “remove the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence,” which implies that the power of love is always present and that it is only our misperception that limits us from seeing it. If we do not see it, we do not know it is available and therefore do not call on it when needed, especially when it comes to self love. When this morning’s mastermind meeting was complete, my mind was swirling with ideas for this week’s blog, but I still wasn’t clear on the hook.

Love Is Always In Season

As I drove home, I turned my attention to the blog topic and began thinking about this Sunday being the third week of the Advent season. I remembered that my beautiful partner, Faith Davis, and I had been asked to light the Advent candles at the 11:25 service this coming Sunday. So, I decided to write something up about the Advent season.

When I got home, I settled in and prepared myself to write. Just as I did, Tammy Lorraine, UCOH’s Director of Communications, contacted me to discuss the topic. I told her I was thinking of writing about this Sunday’s Advent service. She stated that was a good idea, then directed me to Rev. Steve’s video bit on Sunday services for the weekly newsletter. Lo and behold, the title of Rev. Steve’s talk is “The Gift of Love” and the theme for this third week of Advent season is love.

I laughed out loud. It was perfect. I realized in that moment that the universe had me talking about love all morning to prepare me to write about it later. As I watched Rev. Steve’s video clip, I noted he referred to our unlimited capacity for self love and what a gift it is to our experience. He noted we have the capacity to express love beyond measure, to give and to receive. It could not have been more perfect and I look forward to hearing Rev. Steve’s thoughts on Sunday.

What Can I Say About Love?

What could be said about love requires more space than this modest blog entry allows. Poets, philosophers, sages, mystics and artists have been waxing eloquently about love for centuries. Over 80% of all popular hit songs are love songs of one sort or another, including one that reminds us that the greatest love of all is learning to love ourselves. As I complete this blog, I am doing so with a bit of a grin, as once again the universe has reaffirmed to me its infinite capacity to provide divine ideas of inspiration whenever we may need them, which, quite frankly, is every single day.

There is always love between us, binding us together in perfect unity for all time. In our limited sense consciousness we too often lose sight of this truth, placing blocks between us and the awareness of loves presence, in the form of grievances, judgments, unforgiveness, feelings of unworthiness and a false sense of separation. In general, we are not encouraged to express self love, but rather, we are taught that to love others is the more noble expression.

Now, I am not knocking selfless, or altruistic forms of love. However, we can only give love to others in direct measure to the love we give to our own selves. The Golden Rule encourages us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves, which is a great spiritual lesson. However, being challenged by the self love part contributes to the challenges we oftentimes experience when attempting to love our neighbor, or our brothers and sisters, or our fellow Americans.

So, in this Advent Season as we celebrate the spiritual gift of love, let us be cognizant that the love we give to ourselves is the love we give to others. If we want to expand that capacity in the coming year, resolve to do better at the self love part, and the rest will take care of itself naturally.