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While UCOH has an abundance of opportunities for you to get involved and connected, we understand that small groups of individuals provide a special way for deep friendships to be formed. We call our Small Group Ministry Spirit Groups because we know that Spirit is deeply in the midst of every group!

Spirit Groups are facilitator-led groups of up to 12 people that meet on a regular basis for meaningful dialogue and mutual support around planned curriculum and topics. They provide an opportunity for deep connection, support in applying Spiritual Principles and a way for you to contribute to the lives of others through sacred sharing.

Spirit Groups can exist around a particular demographic (i.e., young adults, singles, retired congregants, LGBTQ, men only, women only, co-ed, couples, etc.), location or be open to all congregants.

Throughout the year, there will be dedicated time for new Spirit Group hosts to be trained and for a formal curricula to be launched. This typically happens at the first of the year, right after Easter and in the Fall. Outside of these formal launches, groups can form as soon as a host steps forward to serve. We have an ever-expanding library of Spirit Group materials to choose from.


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Find a Group

All of our Spirit Groups can be found in our InFellowship portal.

  1. At the top of the page, click here to jump into “InFellowship”.
  2. Once there, click on ‘Find a Group’ at the very top of the page just above our logo. You do not need to sign in to find a group.
  3. Search for a group that fits your interest and schedule.
  4. Once you find the group, complete and submit the Interested in the Group? form and you will be contacted by the Host.
  5. Don’t see a group that’s right for you? Consider starting one!

Become a Home Host

Host a Group

Because of our intention to have a group available for everyone to join, we are always looking for new Hosts. If Spirit is calling you to share your home and heart with others, consider becoming a Host. As a Host, you will:

Help people connect

Organize the logistics

Serve refreshments (this can be shared among group participants)

Turn on the video

Training that details the philosophy behind Spirit Groups and other essential information is provided and required for all Hosts. Click here to learn more and submit your interest in becoming a Host today!

Other Ways to Connect at UCOH

Following are a few more ways to get connected here at Unity Church of the Hills:

  • Take a Class
  • Become a volunteer
  • Join a specialized Fellowship Group (such as the Men’s Fellowship Network, the Women’s Gathering, and the Rainbow Friends, to name a few)