Welcome Home to Unity Church of the Hills!

 What to expect at the different Services

8:00 am Sunday

Are you an early-riser, looking for a more contemplative worship experience?

Then you might be interested in Sunday’s 8:00 a.m. Service held in the Unity Oaks building. This early, informal Service includes soft music and a message that contains a metaphysical interpretation of Scripture, based on the teachings of Unity’s co-founder, Charles Fillmore, and other New Thought / Ancient Wisdom leaders. And because we believe that spending time in the Silence deepens our awareness of God Presence, we follow the message with a 10-15 minute meditation.

Grab your coffee in the Unity Oaks lobby and join us!

9:25 am and 11:25 am Sunday

Join us at the 9:25 am or 11:25 am Services for wonderful music, meditation and a great talk.  The music is wonderful and you may find yourself up on your feet, clapping to the beat! If you are new to Unity and would like to know what to expect, what to wear and where we are located, please see our New to Unity Page.

7:00 pm Wednesday

Drop in for a mid-week dose of inspiration and leave with step-by-step guidance on how to strengthen your connection with Spirit, expand your capacity to love, and broaden your outlook on the possibilities for your life.

Come experience our Wednesday Evening Meditation Service in the Chapel any Wednesday at 7:00 pm to help you find that peace that passes understanding. Rev. Belinda Lightheart leads this service which includes praying, chanting, sitting in the silence, and some beautiful music in a very serene setting.

The Wednesday evening service is of a contemplative nature that allows people of like mind to share the power of sitting in the silence together-something our co-founders, the Fillmores recommended for all of us every day. It’s a great place to meet people and often afterward a group goes to a nearby cafe to continue the connections they have made.

11:00 am Daily Prayer Service

Monday – Saturday  – Chapel

Everyone is welcome to join in this short time of quiet reflection. This is a guided meditation facilitated by our Prayer Chaplains. The Service usually lasts between 20 and 30 minutes.

There is a light that shines in Unity every day. This light represents a spiritual light generated by years and years of constant prayer. It is the light of thousands of voices who join in speaking words of faith and blessing. It is a light lit by many decades of faith in God and by many hearts and minds united in the love of God.

Whether you’re seeking prayers for peace, healing, prosperity, forgiveness, or another prayer need, we invite you to experience this light of prayer. Use the prayers and affirmations to deepen your awareness of God within and to expand your faith.

Experience the power of prayer and pray in a quiet place. Blessings await you!

Our Music Ministry


“Celebration is a musical group that sets an intention to transform lives every time they sing.

Celebration Music Ministry - Aug 15, 2015

Celebration Sings the Lords Prayer

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Each song is a spiritual journey that will have the listener singing, laughing, crying and dancing in the aisles.

This group celebrates life through their music providing a joyful celebration for all.”

Susan Heinrichs – Music Director

Celebration sings at the 9:25 am and 11:25 am Services most Sundays.

Celebrations’ CD is available for sale in the Unity Hills Bookstore.


Celebration Music Ministry