Unity Hills Books & Media formed in 2013 to produce and publish spiritually based media congruent with Unity principles. Our vision is to communicate Unity’s messages of positive thought and practical spirituality. Proceeds from sales of our products benefit our home, Unity Church of the Hills in Austin, Texas.

Opening PrayersOpening Prayers

by Ellen Fannin

Description: In March of 2007, Revs. Ron & Lenore Scott completed their ministry at UCOH and returned to Michigan to be near family. Over the next few months, our Executive Director Ellen Fannin felt the call of Spirit to provide a sense of continuity. Thus began her sacred service of Opening Prayers. Since that first prayer on May 6, 2007, Ellen has delivered countless prayers. This compilation features 52 of her favorites—one for every week of the year.
Price: $9.99 plus tax

A Poet Danced Here

Poet Danced Cover two page copyPoetry by Tammy Lorraine
Photography by Joni McClain
Description: It has been said that poetry is the language of the soul and a picture is worth 1,000 words. Combine the two in a thoughtful and conscious way and the result is a profound movement of spirit.

A Poet Danced Here is a love story—a marriage between words and art, poetry and photography. Each comes to the page whole and complete, yet complements each other to form something else entirely. Something, we hope, will stir your soul.

This beautiful collection features 30 poems written by Tammy Lorraine and artfully combined with stunning photographs by Joni McClain. Perfect as a gift or to adorn your own coffee table or nightstand.
Price: $24.99 plus tax

Currently out of print

Waking Up to Spirit: Twenty Stories of Transformationwakinguptospirit

This anthology contains deeply intimate spiritual stories from twenty members of Unity Church of the Hills in Austin, Texas. The contributors share how Spirit transformed lives which may have once been touched by doubt, fear or shame into lives of healing, peace and joy. You’ll want to share this must-read collection with the people you love most.

Contributors: Mikel Dornhecker, Vicky Hennigan, Betty Kent, Kathryn J. Hume, Joan Lawson, Bonnie Price, Kaye Love, Susan Ivester, Andrew McLindon, Doris Schlagel, Elissa Meininger, Pam Becker, Kathleen Romine, Rick Busby, Lu Goodwin Mark, Tammy Schwartz, Dan Baker, Yvonne Iiams, Anneliese Rosea and Lana Castle.

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