My Passport Home program, unique to Unity Church of the Hills, helps you deepen your spiritual walk in many practical ways. The program is simple and fun and touches on three distinct “homes:”

  • Your Spiritual Home (UCOH)
  • Your Indwelling Home (the truth of your being)
  • Your Greater Home (Central Texas & beyond)

My Passport Home was developed as a tool to help you intentionally focus on your spiritual growth by deepening connections, challenging yourself to grow, giving back to your spiritual home, and cultivating compassion outside our walls. We’ve added in healthy doses of fun and celebration along the way! You do not need to be a member to participate.

  1. Your first step is to enroll in the program. You can do this on Sundays at the My Passport Home kiosk or by clicking here to enroll online.
  2. You will then be issued a passport. Note: If you enroll online, you will still need to stop by the church to pick up your passport.
  3. Now the fun begins. You will track your hours in four areas that we believe are essential to your Spiritual Growth: Connection, Challenge, Compassion, and Community. There are a minimum number of hours associated with each area. Information on these four areas can be found below. Please note: you can only count an hour in one area, even if it applies to multiple areas.
  4. As you complete an area, make sure to get a stamp in your passport. Passport Agents will be available on Sundays and during the week.
  5. You will be celebrated along the way and there will be quarterly recognition for all completed passport holders.
  6. There are 12 passports, one for each of the 12 Powers. When you finish one passport, move to the next and start again.

Matsuo Basho said, “Every day is a Journey, and the Journey itself is HOME.” This program is designed to help you find home within your spiritual journey. Enjoy! You can watch the video from Sunday, October 16, 2016 and/or read on to learn more about the four areas:

| Connection | Challenge | Compassion | Community |

Connection Icon Connection

Discuss and connect with others!

While you will be building connection in all areas of the program, this area puts connection at the forefront. Think small groups and fellowship!

There are a lot of opportunities for fellowship at UCOH. Some of these include:

  • Spirit Groups
  • The Quest
  • Men’s Fellowship Network
  • Soul Sistas Women’s Fellowship
  • Recovery Ministry Meetings
  • ACIM Meetings/Groups
  • Singles out to lunch gatherings
  • Rainbow Friends events
  • Taking it Deeper 8 AM
  • Caregiver’s Circle of Caring
  • Young at Heart Gathering
  • Soul Writers
  • Retreats

If you aren’t sure if a gathering or group fits within the Connection area of your passport, email or speak with a Passport Agent.

You will need 10 hours of Connection to get a stamp in your passport.

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Challenge Web IconChallenge

Expand your own spiritual growth!

Classes, workshops and spiritual reading & reflection challenge us to grow beyond our current understanding of Universal Principle. In this area, you are encouraged to learn and grow in our spiritual understanding.

Classes and Workshops that fulfill this requirement include:

  • Core Unity classes
  • Workshops by world known speakers such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Sue Morter and Mike Dooley
  • Classes offered at UCOH, around Central Texas and online that focus specifically on spiritual understanding. An example of this would be A Course in Miracles classes.

Included in the roll-out of My Passport Home is the introduction of Unity Foundations classes, which will be offered on Sunday mornings and easily satisfy this area.

If you prefer to be challenged from the comfort of your home (or local coffee shop) then reading & reflection is the route for you. To simplify tracking, each book counts as 5 hours, regardless of length.  Click here to download a recommended reading list. Be prepared for a brief discussion with your Passport Agent about the books you read and what you learned!

You will need 10 hours of Challenge to get a stamp in your passport.

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Compassion web iconCompassion

Impact the Community!

This is where you focus on that Greater Home beyond the walls of UCOH. Click here to download a list of non-profits around Central Texas, and beyond, that are looking for volunteers.

Be sure to document where you serve!

You will need 10 hours of Compassion to get a stamp in your passport.

Suggest An Organization

Already giving back to the larger community? Submit the organization for consideration.
  • In case we have questions, please provide your contact information.


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Community web iconCommunity

Impact your Spiritual Home!

Volunteer opportunities at Unity Church of the Hills are as varied as the people who participate. There is a place for everyone to share their gifts and talents in our dynamic spiritual home.  Areas to consider include Ushering, Hospitality, Front Office, Youth and Family, Special Events, Choir, Landscaping, and much more!

Visit our Ministry of Service page to learn about all of the areas we currently have available for service, or email If you have a gift and talent that you don’t see matching up with one of our existing service areas, speak with Jodi Kruger, Volunteer Coordinator, and together you can come up with a beautiful way to serve your spiritual community!

You will need 20 hours of Community to get a stamp in your passport.

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