Find Your Place to Serve!

Is it time to donate your Time and Talent to Unity Church of the Hills? The following links will give you information regarding the various volunteer opportunities available at Unity Church of the Hills.

For more information about any of the volunteer opportunities, please contact our Volunteer Liaison using the form below, or talk with Jodi Kruger on Sunday morning.

Prayer Team

Need a spiritual boost? Helping others is the key to feeling love in your own life, and the prayer team is an opportunity to bring that about through the power of prayer. Each week, you’ll receive a new list of names of those individuals seeking a prayer boost. Holding these individuals in prayer offers you a sense of peace and love as well as that warm sense of satisfaction that comes from helping others find those qualities in themselves.

This ministry is dedicated to prayers and spiritual support to those in need. The first names of those needing prayer are emailed to the Prayer Team and then forwarded to Silent Unity.

Time Commitment: Daily prayer and special events as needed.
Team Leader: Jim Sheetz

Sunday Service Teams


If you like smiling faces, warm handshakes, and Unity hugs, you’ll feel right at home in the Ambassador Team. These greeters are usually the first contact visitors have with the Church. The Ambassadors meet and greet everyone arriving at Church on Sunday and wish them well as they leave. There’s never a second chance to make a good first impression, so this is an especially important position.

This team also coordinates with the Newcomers Welcoming Team to identify first-timers.

Time commitment: Serve before and after one Sunday Service per month.
Team Leader: Jody Jones


Have you enjoyed the UCOH Bookstore? If so, you know that it’s filled with Unity, self-help, inspirational and motivational books, tapes and CDs. Like any retail operation, though, it doesn’t run itself. We depend on a cadre of volunteers to help ring up sales on Sunday mornings, answer questions, receive and mark books for sale, and create attractive, eye-catching displays.

No experience? No problem. We will train you, and, best of all, the training’s free!

Time commitment: 45 minutes before Service on Sunday, and until 1:00 pm after the 11:25am Service. Other duties require different time commitments.
Team Leader: Kelly Dowman

CD Duplication

1,031 miles…what a reach! CDs of the Sunday Services are mailed out locally and across the country, distributed to volunteers who work through the service, sold in our bookstore and handed out to newcomers. What a reach, indeed. Share your light across the country through the push of a button!
Team Leader: Donna Pennell


The coffee and snacks you enjoy during Friendship Hour after Service or at a meeting or workshop are the result of the dedicated work of the Hospitality Team. This group sets up before Service, keeps the refreshments replenished during Friendship Hour, and cleans up afterwards. And by all reports they have lots of fun doing it! They’re always eager for more helping hands.

Time commitment: Before and after Service one Sunday per month; special events and workshop hospitality-as needed.

Team Leaders: Bob Sanderlin

Newcomers Welcoming

Do you remember your first Sunday at UCOH? Chances are good that you had some contact with the Newcomers Welcoming Team. This group staffs the “Name Tag Bar” and makes sure first-timers receive name tags, Newcomer’s packets, and Worship Experience Sampler CDs. Their goal is to make Newcomers so comfortable that by the time they receive the blessing during the Service, it’s already been their direct experience that “we welcome you, we’re glad you’re here, and we hope you will make UCOH your spiritual home.”

Time commitment: Before and after Service. Arrive at 9:00 am or 11:00 every third Sunday.

Team Leaders: Glenda Fairchild

Parking Ushers

Experience the power of first impression! Many new members recall, “Yours was the first face I saw coming to UCOH. Your smile and welcoming energy made me feel right at home”. This team assists church members and visitors to their Divine parking spot by providing directions and other information. Connect with nature; become a Parking Usher for the 11:25 Service once a month.

Time commitment: Arrive at 10:30 am one Sunday per month.

Team Leader: John Boyden

Roving Ambassadors

Been around UCOH for a while? You’re probably already acting as a Roving Ambassador, so why not make it official? This group is dedicated to making UCOH the most “welcoming place on earth.” These volunteers are knowledgeable of Church history and Unity principles. Their mission is to identify those new to the Church and assist them in making a connection with our community through spiritual growth and education.

Time commitment: Serve once a month.

Team Leader: Jody Jones


Our Sunday Ushers ensure an atmosphere of reverence and order are maintained before, during and after Services. They play an important part in ensuring that things run smoothly on Sunday by managing such activities as welcoming congregants into the Sanctuary, distributing bulletins, seating late-comers, and receiving the offering. But, don’t let these highly-organized and highly-energized teams fool you…they probably have more fun than any other Volunteer Team!

Time commitment: Arrive 45 minutes prior to either 9:25 a.m. or 11:25 a.m. Service, every other Sunday.

Team Leaders: Jon Edwards, James Bourque, Tracey and Eric Parthé, and Dave Fecker

Campus Resources

EarthCare Team

Unity Church of the Hills’ EarthCare Circle, is a team working to complete the EarthCare Certification process. UCOH follows the Unity Churches International EarthCare (UCIE) initiative to remember our oneness with all of creation and to take active care of Earth, our home. We support UCIE by fostering the awareness of oneness through spiritual means and daily living. UCIE’s vision statement is “All humanity lives in a spiritual consciousness that manifests as loving
coexistence with all creation and care for our Earth home.”

Time Commitment: Project Based

Team Leader: Anneliese Rosea – Staff Liaison

Health and Safety Team

Do you have training in CPR and/or First Aid?

Would you like to?

Members of the Health and Safety Team are trained as first responders in case of a medical emergency during a Service, class, or other event. This group ensures adequate First Aid supplies, provides trained First Aid and CPR members at each Service and special event, holds fire and tornado drills for the children, and communicates evacuation plans to the congregation.

Team Leader: Open

Landscape Team

We are blessed with an extraordinary Facilities Team on staff that handles the day-to-day maintenance of our 14.6 acres of pristine church property. However, as special projects arise, our amazing Landscape Team joins in the beautification of our property. Our Landscape Team was instrumental one year in saving our Live Oaks during a heavy drought and helped in the completion of our Labyrinth. If you have a green thumb and/or love of nature, this is the team for you!

Time commitment: As special projects arise

Team Leader: Open

Lending Library

Are you the bookish type? The UCOH Library supports individuals and families with spiritual growth. The Library Team catalogues new books and tapes and spends a few moments on Sunday mornings placing returned books back on the shelves.

Team Leader: Mariela Cavignac

Technical Team

Do you have stage production experience? Enjoy working with audio/video electronics? Know about stage lighting? Our Technical Team handles all of the technical direction necessary to put on a first-class Sunday Service. Because of the critical role this team plays on Sundays and special events, team members are paid a small stipend and interviews are required. The Technical Team consists of the following sub-teams:

The Sound Team: Trained engineers who operate the sound board and sound mixer during Sunday Services, special programs, and weddings.

The Projection Team: Operates the multimedia (generally PowerPoint) program, stage lights, and the follow-spots during Sunday services, special events, and workshops.

The Teleprompter Team: Serves as a virtual music stand for our Music Ministry ensuring that lyrics are displayed on the Teleprompter. A musical background is preferred. Arrives by 8:00 am to rehearse with the Music team.

The Video Team: Operates the simulcast into Friendship Hall for the 11:25 Service on Sundays and provides video elements for special events when requested.

Time Commitment: Team members typically serve one Sunday per month covering technical elements for both the 9:25 and 11:25 Services. Unless otherwise designated, Tech members arrive by 9:00 a.m.

Team Leader: Courtney Poole

Weekly Office Volunteers

Here’s a way to stay in the know about what’s happening at the Church – volunteer in the office! These helpers staff the Church office during the week and assist with projects for the Church, answering phones, and other office activities. Short interview required.

Team Leader: Laura Maddix

Special Events Team

If you don’t want to volunteer on an ongoing basis, try this one-off approach. The Special Events Team coordinates and plans church-wide events such as Father’s Day Sunday Sundaes, Holiday Extravaganza, Holiday Decorating and others. No continuing responsibilities – just one and done! (But we bet you’ll have so much fun you’ll want to do it again.)

Time Commitment: Project Based

Team Leaders: Ellen Fannin – Staff Liaison


Workshop & Events

This team of volunteers enjoys new experiences, growth, and participating in workshops or events. They support the workshop facilitator with registration and class needs and perform a variety of tasks ranging from registration to greeting to provide a great experience for those attending events.

Time commitment: Based on need for volunteers and your availability and interest in event or workshop.

Team Leaders: Open

Community Outreach

Community / Service in the Community / Community Outreach

Your loving heart is all the motivation you need to let your light shine in practical support to those who are in need. The Outreach Program supports several special projects offered by the Hill Country Community Ministries (e.g., Easter baskets, school supplies, and Thanksgiving food drive), as well as  Hands on Housing and uHome supporting homeless youth. Our Annual Giving Tree program, which begins after Thanksgiving, provides our congregants with an opportunity to create a special Christmas for those in need. The organizations supported include Children’s Protective Services, ElderCare, and uHome. UCOH families experiencing challenge during the holiday also benefit.

Time commitment: Project basis

Team Leaders: Open

Youth and Family Ministry Volunteers

How to join our youth volunteer team

Our classrooms are filled with loving volunteers who are dedicated to guiding the children and teens in their individual journeys of spiritual self discovery. Our teachers and angels (assistants) are passionate about Unity principles and the future of our church, the Unity movement and our world.

Download the Volunteer Form

The Process of Becoming a Classroom Teacher or Assistant

• Review the teacher/leader/sponsor responsibilities
• Fill out the application and return to Linda Hancock
• Review the youth and family volunteer agreement
• Schedule an informal interview with Linda
• Schedule time to shadow current youth and family volunteers
• Schedule time for a brief orientation

Volunteer Requirements

• Must have attended Unity Church of the Hills for at least 3 months
• Must practice Unity principles in your daily life
• Must be willing to make at least a 6 month commitment, preferably one year
• Must be available to teach or angel at least 1 Sunday a month, preferably 2
• Must be willing to undergo a background check

Volunteer of the MonthJenniferAlbaughheadJuly17

Our July Volunteer of the Month began attending UCOH in 2013 and has been a member for 3 years. She currently serves on the Youth & Family Ministry, Special Events and Outreach teams. She considered herself blessed to be on the Minister Magnet Team, and her family has carpooled with the sweetest Ms. Kate Seeley to Church Services.

This is what she has to say about volunteering and about UCOH: “It’s all about the connection and being of service in some way.  When I give care and attention to others in any capacity, I feel Love.”

“The people here are some of the most authentic and caring individuals I have ever met. They really do seek Love first and ground themselves in the bigness of it all before laying out particular agendas. I remember last year, my son was quite nervous about playing the piano in front of the congregation for the Christmas Service.  I’ll never forget Tammy Lorraine telling him, “Being nervous is a good thing, it just means you care.”  She was able to ease the fear without trying to get rid of his experience. There is always a higher way of
seeing, and so many here have helped me tap into this superpower. I appreciate everyone so much.”

Thank you, Jennifer Albaugh, for your generous contributions to UCOH over the years. You are Love and Light. We are blessed by your service, and we love and appreciate you!

Let us know where you would like to volunteer!