Our consciousness is our real environment. The outer environment is always in correspondence to the thoughts making up our consciousness.” 

Charles Fillmore

Unity Churches International EarthCare

Unity Church of the Hills (UCOH) follows the Unity Churches International EarthCare (UCIE) initiative to remember our oneness with all of creation and to take active care of Earth, our home.

UCIE supports Unity Worldwide Ministries in fostering the awareness of oneness through spiritual means and daily living. The vision statement is “All humanity lives in a spiritual consciousness that manifests as loving coexistence with all creation and care for our Earth home.” Click here to learn more about Unity’s EarthCare initiative.

UCOH’s EarthCare Circle, is a team working to complete the EarthCare Certification process. Here is the EarthCare Covenant signed in 2010, the UCOH Certification Checklist in progress, and the Notice of Completion.

Click here to see the list of the current EarthCare Certified Unity Churches:

What is needed to complete the certification?

• Suggestions for creative actions to ensure congregants remember to save energy while at Church, at work, and at home.

• Blog writers on our website to share how they save energy, water, and reduce paper use.

• Videographers to shoot a short documentary on how UCOH is saving water.

• Active inter-connector who can spearhead the effort to locate a natural resource that UCOH congregants can adopt and/or support.

• Webpage co-creator to bring more awareness to Earth, trends, and spiritual connections to our efforts to demonstrate attention to responsible stewardship of resources.

• Team members who would like to evolve the current vision of EarthCare and engage others.

• Presenters or Sustainability Experts to participate in the EarthCare Circle’s Speaker’s Bureau. UCOH has been a member of Austin’s Interfaith Environmental Network (IEN) since its inception in 2009. Monthly symposiums are scheduled and open to the public.

• Librarian who would love to create an annotated list of books related to promoting the awareness of the interdependence of Creation plus other literature that promotes caring for our future generations.

• Theatrically talented individuals who would like to create entertaining messages for our youth about how we are loving our Earth.

 Please contact your EarthCare Liaison Staff Representative, Anneliese Rosea, to contribute your ideas or to assist with the EarthCare Circle team.

Green Building of Unity Oaks

Water Awareness

Interesting resources regarding Water Awareness

Water Cycle per NASA’s Earth’s Water Cycle (6 min.)

Click on Decade to see future predicted water needs per the 2012 State Water Plan—Austin’s water system service area is Region K: Texas State Water Plan

 How the Earth Made Us (II) Video Series:

Videos of Texas Water:

Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD’s) water documentaries, Texas the State of Water, chronicles the issues with Texas water. This award-winning series was shown on PBS stations. If you are interested in viewing, contact Anneliese Rosea, EarthCare Liaison, to check out a copy of these videos:




* FINDING A BALANCE (Water ownership & Freshwater Inflows)

* TEXAS THE STATE OF WATER VOLUME I- (aquifers, rivers and bays of Texas)

How to Help Wildlife:


Reduce Reuse Recycle

Recycling Events and Interfaith Collaboration

EarthCare News

UCOH’s EarthCare Circle participated in the annual BOPA event in which batteries, oil, paint and antifreeze are recycled. Over 162 households were served, filling several trailers that delivered the items to the hazardous waste material center. Some of the items are recycled, such as paint that is reconstituted and donated to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. Keeping these toxic materials out of our landfills makes for a greater, sustainable Earth.

Recycle BOPA (Batteries, Oil, Paint and Antifreeze):

Unity’s EarthCare Circle is part of the BOPA event scheduled each spring. Last year,100 families drove into Bethany’s parking lot, across the street from our arch, and brought items that are not accepted at environmentally safe landfills. Even car batteries were brought in! Oils of any kind must be in sealed containers. Latex paint and antifreeze must be in sealed containers. While you are doing spring cleaning, start stacking those items you need to recycle. Check the website calendar for the next BOPA event or contact your EarthCare team at UCOH.

Recycle Electronics (e-Cycle):

Unity’s EarthCare Circle teams up with other neighboring churches once per year to collect electronic devices for recycling. This event is normally in the fall, and takes place at Bethany United Methodist Church East Parking Lot (across the street from UCOH.). Hundreds of families have dropped off the following items: computers, monitors, keyboards, printers, drives, scanners, computer mice, speakers, cords, cables, ink & toner cartridges, software, networking equipment, televisions, cell phones, DVD players, VCR’s, game systems, and accessories related to these items. The event is always a well-organized flow of sorting and packaging. Check the website calendar for the next e-Cycle event or contact your EarthCare team at UCOH. (Of note, the recycle handler, Goodwill handles the destruction of hard drives before distribution to recycling centers within the U.S.)

Recycling Options for Challenging Items:

Please download this informative flyer on where to recycle challenging items, such as florescent bulbs, batteries, motor oil and much more.   BOPA Handout May 2013

Home Funerals


Anneliese Rosea, AMBIS volunteer and “On Our Own Terms” Trainer with Hospice Austin, facilitates classes on completing advance directive documents that are legally recognized by the judicial system of the State of Texas. Documents such as the Appointment of Agent for Disposition of Body and Body Disposition forms help individuals make sustainable choices that make it easy on family members to honor wishes of compassionate action toward Mother Earth. Classes on home funerals is offered on a regular basis. Search the website calendar for updates.

Green Burials

With the involvement of environmentalists, scientists, lawyers, and representatives from the funeral service industry, the Council has set forth the World’s first standards and eco-certification program for burial grounds, funeral homes and burial products.

Please see Green Burial Council.

Green cemeteries in the Austin Area:

In Cedar Creek near Bastrop: Eloise Woods Community Natural Burial Park allows for pet burials as well:

Hybrid Cemetery in Georgetown, TX:

Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery & Prayer Gardens

Sharing Earth

Travel to 24 Countries in 6 minutes via Terra Sacra  An around-the-world time lapse journey celebrating our Sacred Earth. Six years in the making… seven continents… 24 countries.

National Geographic – Strange Days on Planet Earth – Part 3 of 4 – Predators (Restoring Ecosystems)

UWM Climate Change Resolution

Climate Change Action Resolution from Unity Worldwide Ministries

We, the leadership of Unity Worldwide Ministries, hear the urgent call to co-create a world that nourishes all life forms. We positively declare our love for and spiritual interconnectedness with all beings and our responsibility to protect the sustainability of the environment.

Aligned with the empowering spiritual teachings of Unity co-founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, Jesus and other inspired spiritual teachers, we advocate our worldwide prayer partners to take into affirmative prayer and meditation the personal inquiry of “what is mine to do” to improve the quality of life of all beings and our planet. UWM affirms that climate change is real and that human activity is a significant cause of climate change. UWM also acknowledges that climate change is an issue resulting in both environmental degradation and social injustice. As such, we commit to serve, as our faith leads us, to take steps in healing the planet.

Unity Worldwide Ministries, in accordance with its God-centered five basic principles, commits to advancing the Unity movement by:

1. Promoting active stewardship of the environment and an awareness of our oneness with the earth.
2. Cultivating a consciousness of EarthCare that includes both spiritual and practical actions that support and balance the environment and our human needs, in accordance with Unity’s Fifth Basic Principle, “Through thoughts, words and actions, we live the Truth we know.”
3. Promoting sustainable living practices that honor the earth’s ecosystems and resources in a responsible manner.
4. Transforming attitudes and commitments by embracing concrete actions that reduce human ecological impact and promote social justice for all.
5. Educating, supporting and encouraging individuals to align their (individual) lifestyle choices with values that promote environmental sustainability and recognition of their moral imperative to care for creation.

ECClimateChangeActionResolution2015 (1)

Earth Day April 22

Keeping things digital and energy efficient at Unity Church of the Hills allows us to be more environmentally responsible and leave a smaller carbon footprint on this magnificent planet of ours.

Unity Church of the Hills sends the newsletter electronically, which cuts back on the use of paper, and in turn keeps the landfills free for non-recyclable items.

If you would like to receive these publications, as well as broadcast emails that contain up-to-the-minute information and announcements about the Church, please make sure that the Church office has your current email address by updating your information and stating that you would like to have your email address added to the list.


 Please contact your EarthCare Liaison Staff Representative, Anneliese Rosea, to contribute your ideas or to assist with the EarthCare Circle team.


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