SEEing is Believing

February 27 – March 3, 2017

Commit to reach a higher level of personal growth, discover new ideas, and explore practical approaches for a deeper sense of spiritual living!

The Spiritual Education & Enrichment (S.E.E.) program is designed to deepen the understanding of Unity Principles while also enriching the spiritual life of the student. These courses are open to all, but can also be taken for S.E.E. credit for those on the path to becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher. There are two exceptions.

For the first time during S.E.E. Week, we have two LUT candidates participating. You are welcome to take their classes, which are being offered on a love offering basis, but they cannot be taken for credit.

While S.E.E. classes are offered throughout the year at Unity Church of the Hills, S.E.E. Week allows students to really immerse themselves in an environment of growth and learning. Our Spring 2017 S.E.E. Week classes are outlined below. Lunches are available for purchase each day, and we have a study lounge set up during the week.

Please contact us with any questions about this upcoming S.E.E. Week, or our Spiritual Education & Enrichment Program. If you feel drawn to consider becoming a Licensed teacher, contact Bob Withrow at, or call the Church office at 512.335.4449.

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Course Descriptions

Metaphysics 1

This course explores some of Unity’s fundamental Principles as well as the highest form of mind action, prayer. Students will be encouraged to awaken your awareness and understanding of spiritual Truth in order to employ It in your everyday life.

Course ID:  MS251

Instructor:  Bonnie Gale, LUT

Room: 202

Time: 9:00am-10:50am

Cost:  $60

Required Text: Heart-Centered Metaphysics by Dr. Paul Hasselbeck

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Bible Interpretation-Hebrew Scriptures

In this course students will experience the rewarding process of Bible interpretation. Students will learn, step by step, how to metaphysically interpret a Bible story and apply the meaning to their lives. Selected stories from the Hebrew Scriptures will be philosophically and metaphysically interpreted.

Course ID: BI605

Instructors: Rick Busby, Mary Kennedy-Smith, Bob Withrow, LUTs

Room: 201

Time:  1:00pm-2:50pm

Cost:  $60

Required Text: The Bible, (NRSV Recommended)

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Realizing Our “Unrealized” Potential (not for credit)

This course dives into the book, The Sacred Human, by Jim Rosemergy. We will explore the role of our humanity in the expression of our divinity. We have awesome potential, so why is it that sometimes we find ourselves not expressing all that we can be. Perhaps we are unwilling to accept and embrace our own humanity as necessary to experiencing our true Divine essence. Join us to discuss and discover how we can unlock our God-splendor just as we are.

Instructor:  Debby Cole, LUT Candidate

Room: 203

Time: 1:00pm-2:50pm

Cost:  Love Offering

Required Text: The Sacred Human by Jim Rosemergy

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Metaphysics 4

In this advanced course, the student will further investigate and apply the Truth as they have learned in the previous metaphysics courses. This course summarizes and organizes metaphysical teachings so that Truth may be demonstrated in their life. Through the consistent use of these practical principles, the student will consciously transform their life and realize more of their spiritual potential

Course ID: MS254

Instructors:  Polly Leonard & Linda Hurstad, LUTs

Room: 201

Time: 3:00pm -4:50pm

Cost: $60

Required Text: Heart-Centered Metaphysics by Dr. Paul Hasselbeck

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Living Originally (not for credit)

Robert Brumet, author of Living Originally, Ten Spiritual Practices to Transform Your Life is an Ordained Unity Minister, Unity Institute and Seminary teacher of Pastoral Counseling, Meditation and Spiritual Development. In this course we will explore these core meditation practices. Join us as we engage in some self-care time, broaden our understanding and practice of meditation.

Instructor: Nana Harrison, LUT Candidate

Room: 203

Time: 3:00pm-4:50pm

Cost: Love Offering

Required Text: Living Originally, Ten Spiritual Practices to Transform Your Life by Robert Brumet

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Affirmative Prayer

This course focuses on the 6-step affirmative prayer process used in the Agape Ministry and brought to us by Jean & Lance Lein, ALSP. Students will be encouraged to contemplate their relationship & understanding of God and the Christ within, revealing their unity and oneness in the prayer process. Thus, students will develop tools to broaden and strengthen their prayer life, both for themselves and others.

Course ID: elective

Instructor:  Cathy Schwanke, LUT

Room: 202

Time:  5:00pm-6:50pm

Cost: $60

Required Text: This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes

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Background of New Thought

Background of New Thought provides the student with an-entry level exposure to the ideas, beliefs, and philosophies of the main “Architects” of this body of thought about our nature as humans and spiritual beings dating back to antiquity.  Students will:  Attain a historical perspective on the major events leading up to and evolving into the New Thought movement in its many expressions in Western culture, and recognize some of the key figures in the New Thought movement.

Course ID: HI250

Instructor:  Mark Hicks, LUT

Room: 201

Time: 7:00pm-8:50pm

Cost: $60

Required Text: Spirits in Rebellion by Charles S. Braden

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