Men's Renewal 2017

The Arc of Our Journey

For each of us, our  “journeys” are ones of transformation with varying degrees of challenges, insights and breakthroughs along the way. Oftentimes the touchstones that seemed perhaps fairly mundane or at best, gentle “wake-up calls” have proven to be quite significant. And at other times, the Universe provided certain individuals or groups that touched us in such a profound way, that they became for us, way-showers, mentors, models. In an energy of gratitude for what has gone before, I invite you to join us this year for what I believe holds unique possibilities for greater transformation, as we set the stage for the next, exciting segment on the arc of our journey!
– Blessings, Rev. Steve

Radha-Madhav-Dham_-Peacock-at-Radha-Kund-_-www.ancientyogacenterThe Location

The Ancient Yoga Center is the location of the UCOH Men’s Renewal for the weekend of April 21st  through 23rd, 2017.

The Center is surrounded by beautiful grounds with spaces for hiking, meditation, and quiet reflection, and has plenty of overnight accommodations, along with dining facilities.

Renewal participants will have access to the Hindu Temple and the grounds of Radha Madhav Dham.

The Food

The menu at the Renewal is completely vegetarian, excellently prepared and extremely palatable.

However, for those carnivores in the group, you have the option to join a trip to the nearby Salt Lick for some real Texas BBQ on Saturday for lunch (additional cost applies).


Full weekend – $235 per person. Down payment of $100 due by March 21 with balance due on April 12.

Day rate for Saturday, April 22 – $90 per person.

Optional Saturday lunch at the Salt Lick – $20 per person.

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Mens Renewal Day Rate Registration 

Bring Your Buddy

We are all on a spiritual journey. You may know someone who would, with a little encouragement, enjoy the fellowship of other men. Please feel free to spread the word and invite them to this year’s Renewal!


If you can support someone that needs a scholarship to the Men’s Renewal, please follow this link to make that support available. You are appreciated.