Healing and Wholeness One

Course Description:
Rev. Eileen Ramsey, R.Sc.Min, L.U.T.(Note from Rev. Eileen: I’m so excited to bring this class to you in an online environment! If you have a PC, a Mac, a tablet or a smartphone, you can join the class – from the comfort of your own home! It will be interactive, meaning we will be able to see and speak with each other in real time! I’ll start each class session about 20 minutes before class begins so we can get logged in and familiar with the settings beforehand. See you soon! P.S., Did you know I fell in love with Unity because of Myrtle Fillmore’s healing story?)

Healing and Wholeness 1 is an advanced course, which essentially works with The Source of Healing. Healing and Wholeness 2 focused on the Consciousness of Healing, and the participant will notice that the two topics will be intertwined throughout both classes.
Both courses are based in the spiritual universal principles that support the expression of healing, health and wholeness in students’ minds, bodies and affairs. Students will be working with Myrtle and Charles Fillmore’s interpretation of healing and wholeness, as well as historical and contemporary master teachers. Such principles will be presented to support students in developing a practical understanding of Myrtle and Charles’ theology as heart-centered metaphysicians.

Required Texts:
How to Let God Help You (Myrtle Fillmore), Myrtle Fillmore’s Healing Letters, Christian Healing (Charles Fillmore)
Optional Text:
Jesus Christ Heals (Charles Fillmore).

Taught by Rev. Eileen Ramsey, R.Sc.Min, L.U.T.
Rev. Eileen Ramsey is a Licensed Unity Teacher and a Religious Science Minister, a Certified Professional Coach, a Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner and a Reiki Master/Teacher. She served as an Associate Minister at Unity Church of the Hills from 2009 to 2014.

She has a passion for helping others understand Spiritual Law for practical use in their daily lives and helping people live their dreams and transform their lives. Through her background as a Minister, Licensed Teacher, Professional Coach and Ho’oponopono practitioner, she has personally witnessed many seemingly “miraculous” transformations, in her own life and in the lives of others. Inspired by Myrtle Fillmore’s story and the transformations in teachers like Terry McBride, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck, she truly believes if we can conceive of anything – a healthy body, a prosperous financial situation, the perfect career and self-expression – we can, and will, achieve it.

Eileen, and her husband Jim, moved to Red Bluff, CA in October, 2014, to be closer to Jim’s parents. She currently serves at Unity in Redding, CA as the L.U.T.

Here’s the link for System Requirements for PC, Mac, and Linux:

Time: Aug 17 – Sept 14, 2017; 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. CDT

Cost: $60.00 for Class, Optional SEE Credit $45

Registration Link: https://unityhills.infellowship.com/Forms/366026