Chakra Basics

Join Tracy King in a fun and enlightening exploration of your chakra energy system. In this two hour experiential workshop, you will learn about what a chakra is, the basics of the chakra system, and the general purpose of your chakra system as it applies to your daily life. You will come to know each of your seven main chakras and get a solid sense of how these energy centers both influence and are influenced by your everyday experiences.

This experience includes: lecture and discussion, meditation, and exploration of aroma, color, and crystal energies. Extensive handouts will be provided and tools to empower you to work on your own chakra system will be available for purchase.

Tracy King is a leader in the holistic health and metaphysical communities. As an energy healer, she works with anyone needing help with physical, emotional, or spiritual issues, and her specialty is working with light workers and other healers. Tracy is a teacher and expert in creating and holding sacred space for transformative and amazing events.

Thursdays – 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. – $20

May 11

July 13

September 14

November 9