Barbara Rodriguez

Each of us has unique gifts, yet can fail to express them fully because of low energy, unconscious fears or other challenges that prevent us from moving into a more fulfilling life. Discover a renewed sense of vitality through one-on-one consultations to balance your energy, to identify the best goals for you, health or otherwise, and to find the factors or approaches to daily living that block you from being more aligned with your life path. During a personal consultation, we will use a simple physical tool to tap into your innate wisdom and to clarify what is in your highest and best interest related to: developing healthier relationships, enhancing health, and/or addressing areas such as achieving career goals and personal accomplishments. Physical aches and emotional or spiritual challenges can also often be addressed through energy healing sessions.

Barbra has more than a decade of experience using Touch for Health approaches, and added training through the Kinesiology Institute, the Four Winds Society and other healing institutes.

Call or email to set up a free, 30-minute phone consultation about setting goals. Initial, 2-hour consultation in South Austin office; 1.5 hour follow-up sessions. Appointments: Monday mornings; Friday and Saturday afternoons. Hablo EspaƱol.

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