Ashtara Sasha White

Ashtara Sasha White is a teacher of the light, minister, speaker, psychic, medical intuitive, teacher of Sound Current Healing, Usui Reiki Master & Seichim Reiki Master, mystic, shaman and profound healer.  The healings are thus:  the Light enters into her Crown through the top of her head.  Thus, the Light beams through her hands and body moving her completely and making it easy for her to go straight to the pain without even asking the person what is wrong with them. For example, she knows where the pain stems from: accident, lymph system, amebas/bacteria, heart, lungs, cancer, other diseases, etc. She fixes pinched nerves, extensive nerve damage, ulcers are diminished, twisted and damaged ligaments, cartilages, etc. are perfect in minutes, bone spurs vanish, spines aligned, S-curves, Z-curves, necks in and adjusted and about everything that ails one completely fixed without surgery, medicine or prolonged treatments.  People come to Ashtara who have been to doctors, etc. and they cannot figure out what is wrong.  Ashtara knows in seconds what is wrong and heals them within minutes.  These healings take place over the phone or in person.

Ashtara met with Larry King regarding her ability to heal. Mr. King embraced her wisdom and realized she is a woman with extraordinary talent.

Ashtara resides in Austin, Texas where she hosts people for higher metaphysics, as well as, training in the light and beyond.  She is currently writing books, leading courses and seminars and traveling to speak at special events, churches and expos. She also has a monthly column, “Dear Ashtara: Messages from your Angels & Master Teachers” that is like “Dear Abby” only psychic and medical with questions and answers featured in Austin All Natural magazine.  She has appeared on many television and radio shows.

Before she began this sojourn with the angels and master teachers, she spear-headed and began the Campaign for the Earth for World Transformation and produced Global Conferences. The vision of Campaign for the Earth spread to approximately 100 countries. She was instrumental in bringing grassroots leaders together to help envision new opportunities for the environment & many other sectors of society such as education; economics, business and trade; spirituality; government and politics; personal growth; social issues and human rights; media, arts and entertainment; health and wellness; science and technology; family and community; cross cultural relations; and communications and networking systems.

Under Ashtara’s leadership, Campaign for the Earth held four Global Summits in:  Sedona, Arizona 1989, “The Founding Convention”; Gothenburg, Sweden 1990, “The Emergence of a New World Strategy”; New Harmony, Indiana 1991, “The Convergence of Global Teams”; Rio de Janerio, Brazil, “The Campaign Citizen Summit”, during the Earth Summit 1992.  Dignitaries from around the world were part of her Campaign such as the late actor, Dennis Weaver, Joseph F. Kennedy, Marvin Hamlisch, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Al Gore, Claus Nobel, Nobel Peace Prize Family and on and on (100+ of them).  The Chapel of Light belongs to Ashtara and was a vision of her mother, Marcie White.  For more info:, (512) 278-0559,

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