Minister Magnet Team Update

Minister Magnet Team UpdateSpirit is moving things along in welcoming a new minister into our Spiritual Home. Together, our joint prayers and focus on this Divine selection is bringing much excitement, as we journey closer to our perfect match.

A big thank you to all who took the survey and sent in emails with any suggestions to assist in this process.

Come this summer, Rev. Steve will have been here for 10 years! Several months ago, Steve informed the board, and in September, the congregation, that he would retire from full-time ministry.  We’re all sad to see him go, but are thankful for the one-year notice!  The board has assembled a welcoming team, otherwise known as The Minister Magnet Team. It is our desire to keep everyone informed and up-to-date as this process unfolds.

Here is the latest information:

*** While we have an exciting line-up of many guest speakers coming in to give the Sunday messages over the next few months, they are not minister candidates. We will officially announce these candidates to the congregation with dates to see them once they are invited. ***

  • We meet twice a month, with additional sub-team meetings.
  • We have posted the job description with Unity World Wide Ministries.
  • We have identified a list of potential candidates and are contacting them directly.
  • We will continue to identify potential candidates and screen applicants as they apply.
  • While the timeline is somewhat flexible, our intention is to have the final 2 or 3 candidates come to UCOH to interview and speak, likely in the mid-March to mid-April timeframe.

We will send out another update as we begin interviewing in the spring. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any comments and suggestions.  Thanks so much for your continued prayers, which are undoubtedly encouraging joyous momentum as we move forward together!

Carried in the flow of Love’s certainty, we welcome into our spiritual community the perfect minister at the perfect time. We let the activity of the Holy Spirit guide and reveal this divine selection. We stand united in peace, gratitude and expectancy.

Your Minister Magnet Team (email address:,

Neil Feiereisel, Ellen Fannin, Mary Spangberg, Jim Skaggs, Sheree Ross, Glenn McIntosh, Joan Howes, Linda Holmes, Susan Heinrichs, Debby Cole and Jennifer Albaugh


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