Uniteens (Grades 6-8)   Offered Sundays at 9:30 and 11:30AM in Unity Oaks, Room 202
Uniteens is designed for pre-teens and young teens in Junior High and Middle School. The Uniteen leaders prepare activities and lessons that enhance the spiritual, emotional, and social growth of this age group. They have the opportunity to connect with other teens and to take the ideas and spiritual principles shared and see how they can incorporate them into their lives. Bible and metaphysics are explored and self expression is encouraged. Learning is enhanced through informal sharing, and occasional service opportunities and fun activities outside of class. Uniteens participate in two annual spiritual weekend retreats.

Youth of Unity (YOU) (Grades 9 – 12) Offered Sundays at 11:30AM in Unity Oaks, Room 203

This classroom is staffed by 1 to 3 sponsors each week. The focus of our Y.O.U. chapter is on assisting the teens in developing leadership skills and encouraging them to have an active role in the classroom experience. It is a classroom that is student led, adult guided. This age group uses their understanding of the Bible and Truth principles to discuss and look deeper into the issues and concerns that they encounter each day. This is a very active ministry. They support one another and enjoy many opportunities to explore their spirituality through social outings, social service projects, fundraisers and other events. Opportunities to attend sub-regional events, regional retreats and rallies are offered throughout the year.

Click here for more information about upcoming regional youth of unity (Y.O.U.) events and to register.

Y.O.U. creates an atmosphere for teens to experience themselves and learn more about how to apply Unity principle to their lives. This is achieved through various group activities that include group meditation and prayer, family groups, workshops, joy songs and heart talks.

Creating an atmosphere of loving support and safety is an important part of any Y.O.U. activity. Each unique individual is accepted with open arms. Whether the emotion is laughter or tears, teens are honored for the Christ within them and accepted as an expression of God.

Active learning and peer to peer teaching are the two pillars of Y.O.U. lessons. Though lessons can be on various topics such as Unity’s 5 basic principles, The 12 powers, religions of the world, or spiritual books, lessons always reflect concepts, ideas and challenges that are relevant to teens.

Each Sunday our teens have the opportunity to:

  • Be involved in spiritual activities
  • Have social interaction with other teens and adult sponsors
  • Receive encouragement from other teens
  • Have a safe place to be heard and respected, to stretch and grow
  • Discover, explore and develop an inner Christ potential in an atmosphere of openness, freedom and unconditional love
  • Discuss with other truth-oriented teenagers, the challenges that everyone faces in growing up and becoming independent
  • Have fun, plan activities and serve others with a group of accepting friends
  • Participate in regional and international gatherings where they can get to know other teens from Unity churches in their areas and from all over the world